What if there were not too many differences in a living cell and in a human brain behavior?
What if the origin of human beings and of Life were concepts not too far from Information Theory, Entropy, Evolution and Time?
What if happiness or pain were just the outcomes of quantum signals in our brain, that we can program better to live and react better and eventually be happier or more resilient to pain?
What if it were just a matter of Persistence and Transformation cycles and that even kids stories and religions were pointing, ironically and sometimes sarcastically, to a similar conclusion?

What if SpaceTime were not really 3D space and 1D time, but a 4D quantized hypersphere with 2D “Real plane” Space (kind of holographic hyper-sphere surface expanding that bends according to mass) and 2D Imaginary plane of time?
What if we consider an Absolute Time of “Evolution of the Universe” (kind of imaginary tick iT perpendicular to the Real plane) and a local time of “quantum blurriness” (e^(it), that we perceive as third spacial dimension developing linearly e^(it) in our brain)?
What if the Time plane could be seen as a frequency or probability plane and so eventually a plane of possibilities that spread in front of our eyes?
What if we had particles interacting in 2D Space as points and waves propagating on the Plane of Time along the wave-function in a dualism we all strive to perceive and understand?
What if the elementary force particles and even the famous String theories extra dimensions were just vibrations “shifted in Absolute Time” relatively to the surface of Reality and Black Holes just like ponds of Information and Energy frozen “1 tick ago”?

If we change perspective, so many thoughts seems more connected… if you’re interested in Physics only (Quantum or Astro), there is a short paper available.
f you are interested in the full picture, from Biology to Psychology, from Philosophy to Astrophysics, in a search for clarity from before the Big Bang to a possible humankind victory and as an offer to anyone interested in a better world, I’m happy to share a brief History of Evolution and a lot of conjectures, consequences and inspiring videos, summarized in the


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