connecting dots of decoherence
towards nobody's perspective

just another interpretation of quantum spacetime
through information theory

Notes on a common beat
Paper that develops the elementary physics interpretation; submitted at DICE2020
latest version available for download: paper,


Starting from an Information and Communication Theory perspective, the aim of this contribution is to propose new conjectures on spacetime, towards a description of the Universe focused on information, relations and memory.
To describe the evolution of information, in a spacetime given as evolving in discrete cycles and discrete on space, the proposal considers an Absolute Time Tk (not intended in the Newtonian sense) and an imaginary coherent time ict (related to a 3D probabilistic Space). The Absolute Time is a memory (of the information of spatial correlation among distant imaginary points in space) and a computational network, acting as a compression algorithm through a wavelet analysis. At each cycle, it stores and projects on ict the full 3D probabilistic Space. The evolution considered in discrete cycles (of Tk processing) leads to the definition of a Coherent Now, pictured as the thick Now of intuitionist mathematical languages.
The proposed geometry describes entanglement with closed time-like curves (CTC) developing in the Absolute Time memory and connecting systems in the ict dimension of space within the cycle of Tk. CTC become the elementary loops in which memory of correlation and information potential are stored as logically consistent information. In this context, evolution is derived from the forward and the backward evolving wave function, closing in the 2 hemicycles of Tk within the Coherent Now.
Elementary particles are described as networks of entangled imaginary distances. They evolve as packets of information in terms of the momenta along the Absolute Time and the imaginary coherent time (a derivation of the given momenta is proposed, in both relativistic and quantum mechanical terms). Static mass is related to a proper beat of the elementary particle and to a persisting gradient of information stored in Tk. Gravity is then described as info-tensors on the coming imaginary time (due to the persisting information of mass) and a gradient in the pulsing memory of Tk.
Additional hypotheses on the connection between maximum compression of spatial information occurring in Black Holes and in Tk are given in the last chapters, leading to the description of imaginary universes emerging beyond the singularity.
The paper comes as a refinement of the ideas presented by the author at the TM-2019 INAF conference (2019 - Turin, Italy).

09-2019 Conjectures on Spacetime
First scientific contribution; presented at the TM2019 INAF conference 
docs at the INAF Archive and on youtube

09-2018 oudeis FirsTk1ss
a bag full of insights and inspirations on everything and nothing
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